Branding Methods




Embroidery is a process that utilises automated industrial embroidery machines to apply digitised logos to many different products. Designs can be created from High quality JPEG image although EPS files are preferred . Prices are based on the number of stitches in the logo by the Quantity that is being embroided. Embroidery is the ideal decoration process for apparel, bags , caps & towels. Setup Prices – $65.00 (Once only Fee) per design.


Commonly Used for T shirts , Bags & Umbrella’s . Screen Printing involves the pressing of ink onto the product through a Screen that has been setup with your design. The Price is determined by the quantity  x the amount of colours. A new screen is made for every colour in the design. Screen Setup Charges  – $60.00 per Colour per design per size Repeat Screen Charges – $40.00 per colour per design per size.


Digital Printing is ideal when full colour, or photo finish images are required. This process utilises the latest print technology available, allowing full colour graphics and photo images to be printed . This means it is possible to produce outstanding results which cannot be achieved with traditional screen methods. Colours are vibrant, accurate and photographic in quality. Images are digitally produced and printed onto the transfer material. A solvent is applied and the transfer is placed under a heat press, which fuses the colours into the fabric. Setup Price -$ 80.00 per design.


Pad printing is for almost all types of non-porous surfaces including plastic, metal, wood, glass, stress toys and ceramics. Suitable for spot colour; commonly machines are capable or up to 4 colours but 5 and 6 colour machines are available. Process colour is possible with a 4 colour machine (CMYK) if the product is white and 5 colours (CMYK + white underlay) on a coloured product. Pad Printing can reproduce all tones, or more correctly, screens at extremely fine resolution.

Virtually any surface can be pad printed, in spot or process colour with all types of designs. Very fine screen rulings and accurate reproduction of fine details are possible, text can be reproduced so small that a magnifying glass is required to read it. Pad printing requires air drying.

Setup – TBA upon ordering


Engraving Is the process of etching into a solid material creating a depth and contrast with the surface.


Laser engraving is the process of using a focused laser beam to etch into the surface of the below items.

Keyring , Pens , Stainless Steel Mugs or Drink Bottles , USB Flash Drives.